Three ways to express loves for Valentine 2017

I recall in early 1990s when Samudera Market was established to serve the local community and UNTAC’s staffs as well as a few foreign tourists at that time, Valentine’s day was not very well rooted in Cambodia. Turning to 2017, Valentine’s day has been celebrated widely not just between husband and wife but also between family members.

There are many ways to express one’s love towards their family and below are the three ideas you may wish to consider:

1/ Flower as an expression of love

Those who give loves receive loves. This concept applies to your daily routine and on Valentine’s day, one way to express your love is through a well decorated flower. Of course this option could be costly considering that many people would be flocking to the market and have their flower arranged.

Remember giving flower is just beginning, remember to love your loved one without condition, take the time to listen to them and most importantly enjoy the moment together.

2/ Given Chocolates

Instead of presenting a well decorated flower, you may consider given chocolate as well. Depending on how elaborate your flower arrangement is, given chocolate could make your wallet happier while keeping a smile on the party receiving chocolate. I would suggest to only give chocolate to those persons not elder in age.

3/ Cook for him or her

While you can spend the romantic night just with her or him i.e. avoiding those crowded restaurant, you can keep the cost low and hence making your wallet happy as well. In fact, this is my choice as I prefer a solution that does not involved so many people and crowded place. Perhaps you could say I am old now, Mr. Admin.


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